Beverly, MA’s Caspian see their third full-length, Waking Season, getting yet another pressing as these guys currently travel the world sharing their transcendently enveloping music.

Each and every release from Caspian will carry you into a new world; beautifully hopeful and empowering. Sure, they send you to a world of their own creation, but where you go on that journey is entirely up to you and your own feelings within that atmosphere.

With Waking Season, this hasn’t changed. Each and every record is a sculpture of it’s own. That’s the beauty of this band. They’re always bringing music to their fans that remains refreshing and new yet always the strength and embodiment of what Caspian is to so many. That’s a tough task to so prolifically accomplish, especially within the ‘post-rock’ realm of music, that these guys take on with an effortless ease. In reality, a lot must go into a sound so powerful yet so easy to get lost in. Whatever their methods, I’m personally thankful and indebted to what their music conveys.

Caspian is simply a guide in the right direction, always.

Down below you’ll find the entire album available for streaming, a fan made clip using “Gone In Bloom and Bough,” as well as their entire 4-song performance from their stop at KEXP in Seattle, WA from last year (includes: Hickory ’54 & Halls of Summer).

waking season

The Details

Caspian - Waking Season


Please select "Waking Season" Digipack CD or 2xLP on White/Purple Starburst Vinyl. Gatefold jacket. Vinyl includes digital download card.

1. Waking Season
2. Procellous
3. Gone In Bloom and Bough
4. Halls of the Summer
5. Akiko
6. High Lonesome
7. Hickory '54
8. Long The Desert Mile
9. Collider In Blue
10. Fire Made Flesh

Thanks to Dennis for the tip!

Price $24

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