Here we go again! Caspian’s Live at Old South Church has now been repressed!!… but let’s expand on that “repress.” With this secondĀ pressing, everything has been overhauled. Not only has the artwork been revamped but the actually audio has been handled differently as well. With the first pressing of this album, The Mylene Sheath went with Rainbo Records. With this newer pressing, The Mylene Sheath has chosen to go with Pirate Press which sees the album undergoing direct metal mastering.

Long story short, if you don’t have this one in your collection yet… add itĀ now! I can’t imagine what this show must have been like for all who attended, but once you’ve seen Caspian perform live you’ll never want to miss a chance to see ’em again!

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The Details

8.27.15 UPDATE: 2nd Pressing now available for pre-order! But rather than just repress the album, we decided to completely overhaul the artwork and the audio. The first pressing was done at Rainbo Records, and this new pressing is being handled by Pirates Press, they use a different vinyl mastering technique called DMM, or Direct Metal Mastering. You can learn more about that HERE. So while this is technically not a repress using the original plates from the 1st pressing, it is still officially the 2nd pressing of this recording. Artwork was once again handled by long-time collaborator and stud muffin, N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries.

So these are still being pressed, with a completion date scheduled for 9/27. Hopefully they will arrive here at HQ a week or two after that, so we plan to have these shipped out to everyone by mid-October. Sorry for the wait, but we're definitely still managing crazy ass turnaround times at plants with vinyl these days.

Price $16.99

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