Few words can truly do justice in expressing majesty that Caspian provides when listening to their music. Whether it’s the immensity of their recordings, or the transcendence of a live performance, nothing can quite capture that ability they have to isolate you into your own feelings of consideration while also bundling you into that brotherhood of kindred spirits who dig so obsessively into every aspect of this music. I’ve been to 9 shows in 6 states and 2 countries in less than 2 years… and all I can say is that it’s a truly beautiful experience and one I highly advise you guys explore through a live show on their current, full-scale U.S. tour (you’ll see me out there for quite a few of these!!).

We’ve posted about this album already… but we haven’t posted about their “hometown” variant via Newbury Comics! With roughly 8 variants across the world now for this record, it’s no question that these guys are garnering the respect they deserve. After all, hearing music like this through the vinyl medium can go as far as to show you how goddamn good your system actually sounds!

Aside from the tour variant of this record… I’d say this stands tall as possibly the most beautiful variant of them all!


The Details

Dust And Disquiet 2xLP

Color: Clear & White Splashed

A Newbury Comics exclusive colored vinyl pressing.

Caspian themselves describe their upcoming album 'Dust and Disquiet' as "heavy... mellow... intense... epic...", which basically means it's a Caspian record! Definitely designed to take in all at once. A journey, if you will!

Our Newbury Comics exclusive version of their upcoming album is pressed on two discs of 'Clear with White Splashes' vinyl in a limited edition of 500 pieces (download included).

Number of discs: 2
Limited edition of: 500
Label: Triple Crown
Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Catalog Number: A 3185 T


Separation No. 2
Arcs Of Command
Echo And Abyss
Run Dry
Equal Night
Sad Heart Of Mine

Aeternum Vale
Dust And Disquiet

Thanks to Vishal for the tip!

Price $25.99

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