RIYL: Bayside, The Early November, Say Anything

Label: Procrastinate Music Traitors

Wow oh wow. Seven years, multiple hints, a couple of EPs and lots and lots of speculation and it looks like we’re finally here; Brand New has announced their new album. Let me say that again BRAND NEW IS RELEASING A NEW ALBUM. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe my current emotions. I cut my teeth on Your Favorite Weapon, made Deja Entendu the soundtrack of my life, and got out my angst with The Devil and God until my throat was as raw as their emotions. While no actual tracks have been announced yet, I am sure that 2017 will be defined by this and the only thing I have to do is not to get too hyped, as pride cometh before the drop (see what I did there?).

No idea on the limited quantity of this, so they may be just messing with us, but I wouldn’t sit on this while you have happiness in your heart.

The Details

Brand New Fifth Album

Vinyl / Very Limited. Ships in October.

Price $45

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