Los Angeles’ best known post-rock act, Beware of Safety, have just released their first full length album since 2011’s Leaves/Scars — entitled, Lotusville.

In the experiences I’ve had throughout the post-rock realm, one thing stands tall — the connection it is capable of making with and for people. With any musical act, we know the artist(s) put a lot in. We know it’s their world. It’s their conveyance of what it is to be in a time, in a place, and within a state of mind. Don’t get me wrong, they all make this connection with us in conveying something we’re also feeling in a paralleled yet respectively unique way. With post-rock, their aren’t typically any vocals to be had. With that being the case, we’re left to indulging in an instrumental vigor that is as unique to the listener as it is to the musicians creating the music. There’s a way of relating to this stuff that just can’t be put into words at times — from the most beautiful delicacies to the ferocity that can crescendo forth. The exploration of those extremes and all that lies between is very similar to what it is to be alive; that balancing act we teeter to and fro in controlling. Bands like Beware of Safety know this feeling.

Last year I was lucky enough meet these guys and I can say that they’re easily some of the most profound individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing words with. Hearing a band’s music, seeing them perform live, and then getting to share words… it’s something we all hope comes together in creating a 3-dimensional love and respect for a band. Beware of Safety pulls through in every aspect and then they give you your own introspection to venture off into the world with.

With Lotusville, Beware of Safety have gone the self-release route. You’ll be receiving this 2xLP housed in a heavy gatefold jacket with both records on 180g vinyl; the A/B side being Pink and the C/D side being Purple.

Check out the trailer and two tracks down below!!

The Details

Lotusville by Beware of Safety

Presented as a double LP in a heavy gatefold jacket on 180g, colored vinyl (LP one is pink, LP two is purple*). Pressed by Pirates Press.

Side A: First Sleep, Wash Ashore in Pieces, Bullet
Side B: Trigger Finger, Iron Ribs, Stare Down Orion
Side C: Icarus, Repeater, To Be Curious is Dangerous Enough
Side D: The Fever, Second Sleep

Includes digital pre-order of Lotusville. The moment the album is released you'll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

shipping out on or around 07 October 2014
edition of 300
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