RIYL: Tortoise, Slint, Seefeel, Flying Saucer Attack, Labradford, Boymerang

Label: Fire Records

If I was to own one album alone… This might be the one.

Bark Psychosis‘ -94 debut-album Hex is considered to be one of the most important releases in it’s genre.  Not only because it is said to be the origin of the term “Post-Rock” (coined by a critic in Mojo Magazine to partly describe their sound), but more importantly because it is a completely captivating, stunning piece of work.  If you have ever given it 50 minutes of your undivided attention, you will know of what I preach.

Bark Psychosis at the time pulled conventional rock-structures apart, and slowly built something new, something delicately challenging our recognition and expectations. There are ambient aesthetics flowing throughout the album, painting huge atmospheric outlines. Percussive drums and dubby grooves leave heavy prints, while a variety of keys, synths, strings, horns (even melodica) colors out the details through some of the deadliest mixing/producing ever to be done. Exquisite details wash over you like gentle waves of darkness, soothing in a slightly disturbing way.  If you need your mind at ease this is the perfect soundtrack to release, your current state of mind being a factor that helps decide which way to go.

Hex represents the sound of perfect balance, so powerful and majestic yet so fragile and delicate.  Silence has never seemed so loud. 

Fear not, this album is nowhere near as pretentious as my ramblings here. It is simply smart and sophisticated through succeeding ambitions.

It took 10 years for Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis’ main-brain) to come up with a follow up, with 2004’s “///Codename: Dustsucker“.  Perhaps the perfect follow up to the perfect debut.

If you ever come across any original pressings of either, you better be ready to shred 150$+ Demand is high.

Remastered from the original 1/2″ tapes, and cut onto double 45rpm Vinyl, I expect nothing but the very best from this release.   Jump on it, no regrets.

Buy-Now button goes to UK’s Norman Records, who has the best deal on both Wax and Shipping (there will probably not be any US distro..), but you can also get it directly from Fire Records HERE

(Now, it was indeed Fire Records that initially put out ” ///Codename: Dustsucker”, so if we ask kindly we might just get the whole package…)


The Details


This item will be released on September 15, 2017.
Bark Psychosis’ acclaimed debut album remastered and officially reissued for the first time on double 45rpm vinyl.

The recent release of Jeanette Leech’s book ‘Fearless: The Making Of Post-Rock’ (Jawbone Press) celebrates post-rock and its origins. Finding new inspiration, bands were beginning to experiment with techniques as the digital age took over.

A case study in her new book, Bark Psychosis were one of the most innovative bands of their time and as legend has it, saw the first use of the term ‘post-rock’ by music critic Simon Reynolds.

Following several singles and EPs, the avant-garde soundscapes built around drones and samples of 21-minute stand-out track ‘Scum’ arrived just two years before their seminal debut ‘Hex’ (1994). Frustrated by the mainstream, ‘Scum’ was a huge statement that set them apart from the beginning.

Bark Psychosis’ sound was born out of their improvisations at makeshift studio within St John’s Church in Stratford. Taking a year to complete ‘Hex’ left the band on the brink of collapse and by the time of its release they had dissolved.

Hailed as a masterpiece, it’s “mysterious, haunting, and breathtakingly visionary” (Allmusic). Breaking down their songs and rebuilding them in the studio brought distinguishing ambient soundscapes and an atmospheric experimental sound. Last year Fact Magazine deservedly gave the album further recognition with it claiming top spot in their ’30 Best Post-Rock Albums Of All Time’.

Following ‘Hex’ and the disintegration of the band, Graham Sutton went on to create seminal Drum ‘n’ Bass as Boymerang and hugely acclaimed production work for the likes of These New Puritans, British Sea Power, Silver Apples, Jarvis Cocker and East India Youth. He revived Bark Psychosis at the turn of the millennium, eventually releasing another album, the equally extraordinary ‘///Codename: Dustsucker’

Newly remastered in 2017 from the original analog tapes at Metropolis Studios by Graham Sutton and Stuart Hawkes, and reissued officially for the first time, Bark Psychosis’ debut ‘Hex’ will be available on double vinyl / CD / Hi-res FLAC on September 15th

Price $30

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