RIYL: Tortoise, Slowdive, Slint, Seefeel, Talk Talk, Labradford, Boymerang

Label: Fire Records

Bark Psychosis‘ -94 debut-album ” Hex is considered to be one of the most important releases in it’s genre.  Not only because it is said to be the origin of the term “Post-Rock” (coined by a critic in Mojo Magazine to partly describe their sound), but more importantly because it is a completely captivating, stunning piece of work.  If you have ever given it 50 minutes of your undivided attention, you will know of what I preach. “Hex” got a brilliant reissue last year, and now we are lucky enough to be handed a deluxe edition reissue of their sophomore album.

It took 10 years for Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis’ main-brain) to come up with a follow up, with 2004’s “///Codename: Dustsucker“. Sutton continues his exploration with atmospheric, big soundscapes but the tracks seem more focused around grooves and melodic hooks than on the debut. More dynamic and less ambient. Perhaps the perfect follow up to the perfect debut, mesmerizing in every way.  Definitely one of the most treasured albums in my collection, I simply cannot recommend this one enough!

Releasing May 25th on Deluxe Gatefold double LP, this is a long awaited clean shot at retrieving a mint copy of this gem for less than 250$..


The Details

This item will be released on May 25, 2018.
33 1/3 rpm double LP Gatefold / standard CD

“Bark Psychosis deliver. And like Hex, Dustsucker sounds utterly unique”


“The mark they left is indelible.”

Classic Rock

Following the reissue of ‘Hex’ in late 2017, Fire Records reissue Bark Psychosis’ second studio album ‘///Codename:Dustsucker’ (2004) “which finds the band in remarkable form” (Pitchfork).

Arriving ten years after the band disbanded, the long-awaited and criminally overlooked follow up brings with it an evolution of their sound. Their experimentations are layered with blissed out electronics, shoegaze, post-rock and jazz are still at its fore as are Sutton’s crystalline vocals. Languid and brooding, the soundscapes are dark and sustained while their “trademark cocoon of limpid, rippling guitar figures and jazzy adornment is buffeted by sharp leftward turns” (Uncut).

Recorded in Graham Sutton’s East London DustSuckerSound studio between 1999 and 2004, it features contributions from Talk Talk sticksman Lee Harris and ‘found drumming’ from ex-band member Mark Simnett.

Bark Psychosis’ ‘///Codename: Dustsucker’ would go on to be their last studio album.

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