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NOTE: 2/3 of the variants are still available. Those two are EXTREMELY LOW on available quantities. As they say, “Foretold is forewarned!”

Before I begin this one, I must mention something about intheclouds. This label is essentially a one man operation. When you see the clip below, you’ll understand the truly passionate time that goes into everything they release. From “matchbook” records to this “touch sensitive” record… a lot of love is put into the labor involved. Nothing but admiration and love for this label… Okay, let’s get to it!!

Have you ever had that moment, maybe at a show, a sports event, or even w/ a special someone?… where the world seems to feel immensely beautiful and profound? So much so that you feel as if something inside of you might explode? Somehow, someway… Athletics is capable of harnessing this energy with their ebb and flow sound. Leaning heavily toward post-rock, instrumentally, but accompanied by further empowering lyrics… these guys are relentlessly profound in their debut full-length LP, Why Aren’t I Home?

Hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey, Athletics is one of those bands that has seemingly fallen under the radar. Only to be admired by a kindred following of lucky fans who have come across what they’re doing. They’re just one of those bands that, upon introduction, are immediately felt, no matter what you typically listen to.

Why Aren’t I Home will break you down to the core. Only to build you back up from an emotional ride so profound that you can’t help but begin to answer the questions it asks of you.

Pressing Information:

12″ vinyl w/ 3 different color variants
– (100) ultra clear w/ black & white splatter – SOLD OUT
– (100) sea blue & silver A side/B side colored
– (100) milky clear w/ oxblood haze



“From the opening notes of the title track, you realize Why Aren’t I Home? is gonna be one of those records that brings you to your knees, swallows you whole and leaves you in awe. It’s one of those surprises that defies all expectations and leaves you shaken. It’s one of those albums that reminds you what it is you listen to music in the first place.”


“Athletics is one of the revelations of the year. A post-rock gem. Already at the peak of their game.” – AlternativNews


“An amazing listening trip…the awesome power of this sublime studio effort will overtake you.” – Pnut Ponders


“With poise and professionalism beyond their years, Athletics has what it takes to make it…” – Live Music Guide

The Details

Athletics : Why Aren't I Home?

Touch Sensitive Jacket


If there's one thing that i've always loved about nj, it's the wide variety of music that comes out of here. every band adding their own style to the scene... always keeps things interesting. athletics are right in the thick of it all coming out of asbury park. their debut album "why aren't i home?" originally released through deep elm, delivers their own haunting post-rock sound i felt deserved an equally fitting vinyl packaging.

Over the winter i happened to run into the band hanging out at the court tavern and approached them with the idea of creating an album cover that leaves a ghost image of a hand print on touch, then slowly vanish when let go.

We applied the touch sensitive ink by hand to each cover and added a custom diecut logo sticker on the bottom right corner available in 3 different colors w/ matching vinyl.

Pressing Information:
12" vinyl w/ 3 different color variants
- (100) ultra clear w/ black & white splatter - SOLD OUT
- (100) sea blue & silver A side/B side colored
- (100) milky clear w/ oxblood haze

Side A:
- Why Aren't I Home?
- See You On The Other Side
- Fairview
- Jordan
- Speaking For Everyone
- I Am Withdrawal

Side B:
- Lullaby
- August
- It's Night, It's Enough
- Affliction
- The Cost Of Living

Price $16

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