The Montreal pop group, Young Galaxy, are back with yet another strong release on Paper Bag Records from what I can tell. The singles mix in deep house/garage sensibilities with plenty of callbacks to disco/Italo-disco. The production is top notch as to be expected from Dan Lissvik (one-half of Stereo). These tracks burn slow, at least as slowly as pop can burn, and give you plenty of time to dance. Within the YouTube comments section, some are calling this “trendy” or “EDM influenced” which I suppose I can see but isn’t pop music supposed to be this? A reflection of the times? I wouldn’t call this trendy, per se. Falsework wears its love of the 80s on its sleeve, but it does so cleanly and in a way that isn’t tacky/reaching. Stars, another Montreal pop band, have gone down the disco route much deeper as of late. Perhaps the past will always be vogue. Either way, I like what I’m hearing. Listen to the few tracks available for preview via the YouTube videos and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Montreal's Young Galaxy will release their new album Falsework world-wide on Paper Bag Records on October 30th. Falsework is the follow-up to the Polaris Music Prize short-listed Ultramarine and their third album produced by Dan Lissvik (Studio, Atelje).

The winter of 2014/2015 took Young Galaxy from their studio in Montreal to Gothenburg and back. The band’s brilliant new full length Falsework completes the sound they have been mining on their past two albums Shapeshifting (2011) and Ultramarine (2013) with producer Dan Lissvik. The album is undeniably synth pop without the simplicity and was informed and inspired by 80’s electro, acid house and r&b, music that was well ahead of its time. Falsework was made using machines from the past to sound like music from the future.

Wear Out The Ground
The Night Wants Us To Be Free
Factory Flaws
Ready To Shine
Must Be Love
We're No Good
Little Wave
Lean Into My Love

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