RIYL: Craft Spells, Beach Fossils, Lower Dens, Hoops

Label: Captured Tracks

While recording 2018’s introspective Wild Nothing album Letting Go, Jack Tatum set aside five tracks that didn’t quite belong in that current recording session. Those tracks were eventually finessed and edited into this brand new Laughing Gas EP, a deeper dive into the misty, lush synth pop sounds he’s been evolving into since his indie rock debut over a decade ago. Captured Tracks and Tatum have grown with each other since 2010, each developing their voice as an artist and a label, so it always gives me joy seeing that they’re still working with each other. They’re like the Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson of the indie music world. D’awwww…<3

The EP’s first run of 2000 copies will be on milky white wax, and while that feels like plenty to go around, don’t underestimate Wild Nothing’s fan base. They’re a bunch of hungry hyenas salivating for colored vinyl. Listen to two of the tracks below and fall into a daydream.

The Details

Pressed on Milky White vinyl and limited to 2000 copies worldwide.
Your pre-order will ship by Jan 31, 2020. Please note that ALL items included in your order will ship at the same time. If you wish to have a partial order shipped, you will need to make two separate orders.

Price $14

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