This new 7″ from New York’s We Are Scientists is a double A-side development “of songs they recorded for fun to burn off leftover creative stream after the album sessions.” 

Excited for their new album? Give this a listen!!

The Details

Something About You 7″
Price: $8.99
Much can be said about this little platter of vinyl. It's a limited edition. It's imported (from England). It's heavy-weight (whatever the really *deluxe* weight is… 80 gram? That seems too heavy. 8 gram? 0.2 pounds? Whatever the *really good* weight is, this is that weight). It's TWO-SIDED, which means you get two songs: "Something About You" and "Let Me Win," each of them recorded and mixed by Mr. Claudius Mittendorfer just a couple of months ago in New York City. It also features two gorgeous, seedy photographs by Mr. Dan Monick, one on each side of the premium, full-spine cardboard sleeve.

Make no mistake, this is a 7" single you will hand down to your children, and that they will hand down to their best children.

Price $9

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