RIYL: Southeast Michigan, TED Talks, Half-Jewish post-geographic rhythm sections, Fearless Flyers

Label: Qrates

Many years ago, Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman, Cory Wong, Woody Goss and Joe Dart, with a little help from their friends, branded a new type of stank…and it was funky. Session players by trade in their past lives, we all know the story by now.  Act 1: The Stage Beckones.  Act 2: The Vulf Players Heed The Call and Become a Peck.  Act 3: The Audience Listens, Understand and Grows.  And scene.  Curtains.

Vulfpeck’s 2016 sophomore full-length The Beautiful Game contains a bevy of fan favorites, from the live show highlight Dean Town to the instaclassic hand-clapper Animal Spirits. For many moons, this rekkid has been out of print and, as you could guess, began to fetch high payouts for the discogers and eBayers on that flip game.  “No more”, the Vulf exclaimed.  The reissue is now upon us and it’s golden, as it well should be.  Grab a copy after the ‘buy’ link.  It’s the right thing to do.

The Details

12” Gold color heavy vinyl (33 rpm)

Caution: Vinyl mockups and specs may differ from the final product. Qrates is not responsible if the final product does not match expectations.

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Price $25

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