RIYL: Game Winners, Christmases in L.A., Cory Wong

Label: Vulf

I’ve heard this sad story many times before. You had a flippin’ month to buy this instaclassic slab from Vulf, but you put it off initially because you were saving your scruples for that new Hootie reissue from Urban Outfitters. Then, in the middle of the month, you threw the last chunk of your paycheck at a PG RX-78 GP-01 Zephyranthes action figure because it was on sale…and they never go on sale. Finally, after your Xbox bill and your rent money fly out of your checking on the 30th day, you’ve got nothing left. Two months later, you weep as Discogs prices inflate to $175+. You’re never going to own the Vulfpeck MSG vinyl for the rest of your pointless life. Then…it happens.

Like Jesus on a diamond-studded chariot coming down from the heavens, Bandcamp is here to save your soul. And your wallet. They’re throwing up the remaining copies of this sultry licorice pizza right NOW. This is your time. It’s now or never, buckaroo. Smash that ‘buy’ button and get to the funk before it’s too late.

The Details

Bandcamp is selling their extra copies of live at msg vinyl
Buy at vulfpeck.bandcamp.com

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Price $45

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