RIYL: Broadcast, XAM Duo, Drinks, Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club, Pinkshinyultrablast, Cocteau Twins, Jane Weaver

Label: Fire Records

UK’s Virginia Wing  drop their new album today, experimental indie/art-pop at it’s finest! “Ecstatic Arrow” contains such a rich blend of flavours that it’s pretty hard to describe, so whatever you pick up from of my ramblings here, be sure to give it a listen for yourself.  VW started out as a more psych/baroque-pop outfit with ties to the sounds of Broadcast, Stereolab and Death and Vanilla, but it was apparent already on their brilliant 2014 debut LP “Measures Of Joy” that they needed a vast amount of space to contain their soundscapes. On their way towards their 4th album (last years coop with XAM Duo included) they’ve evolved their sound to rely more on samples and synths, while their flair for artsy-vibes and electronic experimentation has blurred the lines of genre-containment. There was always a synthetic experimentation within their dreamy expression, but they’ve kept floating towards a psychedelic stew that is both esoteric and damn catchy!  Plant this album in your mind, and it will grow into something beautiful and quite unique.

The Deluxe Edition is pressed on Blue Vinyl and limited to 500 copies (Black Vinyl also available).  Includes poster, zine and download card

Out today!


The Details

Our favourite records are the perfect counterbalance of the considered and the superficial. Whether it’s Madonna, Talking Heads or Holger Czukay - we enjoy these artists in the background with friends or profoundly and alone.

Virginia Wing both understand and embrace this concept fully as they return with Ecstatic Arrow, an album which finds them in a place of renewed strength, optimism and clarity.

Recorded in Switzerland, in the family home of longtime friend and collaborator Misha Hering within the domesticity and gentle routine of communal life, the album represents a world as predisposed to solemn introspection as it is to blithe conviviality.

Ecstatic Arrow borrows from the heterogeneous terrain of The Flying Lizard’s Fourth Wall, the exuberant technology assisted pop of Yellow Magic Orchestra and the playful sophistication of Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s Press Colour, arriving at the evergreen intersection of pop music and conceptual art.

The resolute opener of Be Released and album centre point The Female Genius pair resonant Fourth World instrumentation with sonorous, loping drum patterns. Elsewhere, the sentimental march of single The Second Shift plays out like an after-hours ballad re-imagined by Wally Badarou and For Every Window There’s a Curtain is coloured by the blue-lit haze of an Eventide warped tenor saxophone.

Three albums in, the voice of Alice Merida Richards is more compelling and expressive than ever. The glacial deadpan of previous records has given way to a more candid, self-possessed delivery, showing an appreciation for the humour and tragedy innate in the downtown Arcadia of Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley or even Lynn Goldsmith’s Will Powers.

It’s with this voice that Richards outlines a simple ideality that fortifies the entirety of Ecstatic Arrow - inequality pervades, destructive behaviours are inherited and each subsequent generation has to reconcile the debts of its precursor - yet a space exists within ourselves and each other that houses a fact we must be reminded of - we have the ability to choose. Even in moments of frustration; the ascerbic eye-roll toward male entitlement, Glorious Idea or the world-weary Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day, there persists a joy for living that refuses to be confined.

A depiction of a group finally at ease with itself, Ecstatic Arrow is a tribute to the internal momentum that quietly guides us toward our destination.

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