RIYL: Toro Y Moi, Pale Saints, Broadcast, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Beach Boys, Mac Demarco, Mild High Club

Label: Requiem Pour Un Twister

“Opal” marks Vinyl Wiliams‘ 4th album, and keeps expanding their sounds through breezy, celestial pop to cool you down on a hot summer night.

Vinyl Williams is the brainchild of visual artist/musician Lionel Williams, which has been delivering blissful tunes throughout his catalogue, breaking down harmonic barriers and creating pieces that are often exploring new lands. Their soundscapes inhabits twists and turns that might take a few listens to really grasp, but always ends up as some of the highest rewarding arrangements for any experienced listener with a flair for clever psych-pop. The production is full of rich, airy guitars and synths (without ever being pretentious), creating vast soundscapes grounded by groovy bass and snappy drums. Lionel Williams’ easygoing, laidback angelic voice surfs these moody currrents in a most convincing way, creating a unique and beautiful expression that is equally as uplifting as it is complex.

On a side note I recently discovered that Lionel is the grandson of one certain John Williams!  The force is strong with this one.

William’s bandcamp is sold out of the limited variants, but you can still grab the Black Vinyl in the US at 15$ THROUGH HERE

For the limited editions, you need to go to the (brillliant) label Requiem Pour Un Twister (FR) via the BUY-NOW button underneath.

The Details

Black & Gold Super Limited Edition
Only 100 were made !
ATTENTION : Pictures (mock-up actually) may differ from actual products that we didn't received yet

Translucent Blue Limited Edition
200 copies, we only have a few of this since it's a special editions for "indie shops".
ATTENTION : Pictures (mock-up actually) may differ from actual products that we didn't received yet

digital album releases July 20, 2018
item ships out on or around June 29, 2018

Produced by Vinyl Williams
Artwork by James McCarty

Price $17.5

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