RIYL: Brigid Mae Power, David Allred, Chantal Acda, Peter Broderick,

Label: Oscarson

I posted already about David Allred’s first two records on Oscarson, and the label just released a compilation curated by David Allred. I’m normally not very into compilations, but this one is an exception because it makes sense. All musicians live in Portland, most of them are related in a way and some even recorded together. For example, David Allred recorded with Peter Broderick, who played on Brigid Mae Power’s latest record and so on. My favourite song on this compilation is the first one; “Even When” from Andrea Tomasi. A very beautiful and minimal singer-songwriter masterpiece. Seven years after “Portland Stories” on Sonic Pieces, we have a worthwhile follow up. There are two versions. A very beautiful but expensive handmade hardcover book version incl. 12″ vinyl + cd and a standard version, which is really beautiful too.

The Details

….in spring 2016 i got the idea for releasing a compilation. The big question was how do I fill up an entire record, and what kind of theme should I have? I knew I needed some help, so I asked David Allred if he would be interested in being a part of my “little” project. Almost an hour later I got a most enthusiastic reply! I was so psyched, well, we both were! David made a suggestion to involve some known and lesser known artists and use only unreleased songs. He sent me a few samples and I was totally blown away. I immediately started to create the artwork in my mind – I saw it all so clearly. I asked David an image & lyrics from each artist, and a few words about their song – I was going to make a book. The result was a wonderful unique mix of extremely different artworks. I was still missing one very important thing…the image for the cover. A couple of months and a million tries later my friends and I finally found the look we were aiming for…

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