Asthmatic Kitty Records has partnered with several other labels to auction off various copies of test pressings in order to support the Girls Rock Camp Alliance; 100% of the proceeds will be going to charity. K Records, Ghostly International, Western Vinyl and New Amsterdam have their wares up, along with Asthmatic Kitty of course. You’ll find Tycho’s Dive, Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois, Michigan and Enjoy Your Rabbit, Matthew Dear’s Beams, Com Truise’s In Decay and Galactic Melt, Tobacco’s Ultima II Massage, and more. One of the auctions at press time is already over $200 and a few more are about to break $200. You can probably guess that the bigger names are probably not going to be let go for cheap, so have a talk with your bank account and be ready to give it a hug because it’s going to be in tears after you’re done at the auctions. These all end Saturday afternoon (USA) so you don’t have long, either. Get to it, people. Cheers!

The Details

Test Pressings are the things record labels and artists use to preview a run of records. They are extremely rare; usually only 4-10 copies exist in the world. In some cases they're rejected due to quality issues. Other times, test pressings become the first of an entire run of records that lasts for years to come.

We partnered with several other labels including Ghostly International, K Records, Western Vinyl, New Amsterdam to auction off a bunch of these test pressings to raise money for Girls Rocks Camp Alliance. 100% of proceeds goes to Girls Rocks Camp Alliance, which helps girls build self-esteem and find their voices through unique programming that combines music education and performance; empowerment and social justice workshops; positive role models, and collaboration and leadership skill building.

Several AKR test pressings are up for auction, including several Sufjan Stevens releases, as well as some test pressings for releases from Castanets, Denison Witmer, Helado Negro, Lily & Madeleine, My Brightest Diamond, Rafter, and The Welcome Wagon.

Bid away! Auctions end Saturday afternoon.

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