First there was the 2×7″ release called Songs From Another Love, limited to 500 copies (first 100 signed); then there was a RSD release called The Daytrotter Recordings; limited just to 50 copies; now you can pre-order from his official web store site a signed vinyl copy (no quantity in the description).

Hey guy! here is nothing really special! So what for?

Well, it’s cheap!  And besides: The music so far from this young fellow is just fantastic.

Yes, it is. Including  shipping (from UK)  to Germany: Just 19.50 Euro. Same price as if I would buy it at my record dealer (or even online). It’s a Columbia recording (the label looks almost antique on the vinyl), smells like an audiophile one! I do think (and hoping), same with USA and somewhere else.

Reminds me in somehow (just a bit and a bit more) to Jeff Buckley. And guess what? Yes, he was also on Columbia records.

So I go for this one. Ordered already.

Note: Check the country before ordering!




The Details

Signed by Tom Odell. Coumbia records.

1. Grow Old With Me
2. Hold Me
3. Another Love
4. I Know
5. Sense
6. Can't Pretend
7. Till I lost
8. Supposed to Be
9. Long Way Down
10. Sirens

Will be not shipped before June 24th, 2013

Price $21

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