RIYL: City Pop, Future Funk, Tokyo in the 80s

Label: City Baby Records

Somewhere on the outskirts of Los Angeles resides a gentleman who fancies the finest of the finer things. His walk-in closet is 65% Hawaiian shirts, 20% searsucker suits, 10% assorted cigar boxes and 5% business cards. His favorite meal is steak tartare, his favorite drink is a Blue Lagoon, which also happens to be his favorite film. His name is Toby Glider, and you can catch him suntanning on his roof between the hours of 2-4 pm. Toby makes dance music for the lonely, throws harps and flutes in between the funky backbeats and splashes a little citrus over the whole thing. Fans of Sky Tony, Vulfpeck and City Pop from the late 70s and early 80s will find plenty to love here. You can drive to it, spa to it, sleep to it and, of course, intercourse to it.

There are only 100 copies available in the states. Those are available on Toby Glider’s bandcamp page after the ‘buy’ link. If and when those sell out, grab a copy from City Baby Records HERE. Keep in mind that those copies will be shipping from Japan. Listen to the entire rekkid below.

The Details

This is the 12" vinyl of the debut album from Toby Glider, encased in a hi-gloss full color print jacket with spine-hugger Obi, just like back in the day, authentically designed by Chris Hopkins of Lost Art.
Edition of 600
Shipping out on or around November 1, 2020

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Price $20

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