RIYL: Morgan Delt, Temples, Jacco Gardner

Label: Fat Elvis Records / Nomad Eel Records

Don’t be fooled by that stoned-out metal AF cover art, yall.  Austin-based Timothy Eerie crafts glimmering psychedelic pop as delectable as a sheet of bubble gum-flavored LSD and as quenching as an ice cold glass of psilocybin mushroom tea.  With an ear for that authentic ‘summer of of love’ sound, Mr. Eerie’s grooves run deep with jangly guitar licks, woodwind compositions and sublime vocal harmonies.  If you love the likes of Morgan Delt, Jacco Gardener and the decades-rich output from Syd Barrett’s musical offspring, this one is a no-brainer.  Grip one after the ‘buy’ link.

Only 21 copies remain of the yellow variant, so grab that HERE from Nomad Eel Records.  Otherwise, climb through the ‘buy’ portal and get a copy on blue from Fat Elvis. Both variants are limited to only 150 copies, so don’t stall long.  Listen to the album below.


The Details

FER-012 - Fat Elvis Records / 150 on smokey bue
NER-017 - Nomad Eel Records / 150 on smokey yellow

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Price $20

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