Back when this first came out, back in the summer, there wasn’t any way to order it online. I’ve been meaning to give this release a plug on Sly for some time now, but without a way to order online what was the point? Fortunately, today, I remembered I haven’t written about this and there is now a way to buy it online. Joel Gibb and company create a social commentary and a catchy (yet dreary) baroque pop tune all in one with Gay Goth Scene. The music video (which came out this month) for the single actually won an award at the International Queer Film Festival in Germany – specifically the “Made in Germany” award. The music video is aesthetically pleasing and the way it was filmed fits the atmosphere perfectly – there’s a light gray filter over it. It helps that it was overcast and snowing at the time of filming it. Check out Gay Goth Scene below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Available in physical format only, the "Gay Goth Scene" 7" is available on limited numbers.

BONUS: First Ten will come SIGNED by Joel.

Track Listing:
Gay Goth Scene

Gay Goth Scene (4-Track Demo, 2011)

Price $7

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