Back when this first came out, back in the summer, there wasn’t any way to order it online. I’ve been meaning to give this release a plug on Sly for some time now, but without a way to order online what was the point? Fortunately, today, I remembered I haven’t written about this and there is now a way to buy it online. Joel Gibb and company create a social commentary and a catchy (yet dreary) baroque pop tune all in one with¬†Gay Goth Scene. The music video (which came out this month) for the single actually won an award at the International Queer Film Festival in Germany – specifically the “Made in Germany” award. The music video is aesthetically pleasing and the way it was filmed fits the atmosphere perfectly – there’s a light gray filter¬†over it. It helps that it was overcast and snowing at the time of filming it. Check out¬†Gay Goth Scene below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Available in physical format only, the "Gay Goth Scene" 7" is available on limited numbers.

BONUS: First Ten will come SIGNED by Joel.

Track Listing:
Gay Goth Scene

Gay Goth Scene (4-Track Demo, 2011)

Price $7

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