RIYL: Blind Pilot, The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, Houndmouth

Label: Warner Bros.

The Head and the Heart have had many transformations over the last few years. Prior to the release of Sign of Life, Josiah Johnson decided that he needed to go on a hiatus from the band to manage his drug addition. The band has been touring without him while fans have been wondering if, and when they would release another studio album and what would it sound like. They also went through a transformation of sound, possibly directed by the major label they signed with after Subpop, that pushed them into more of the poppy realm of the musical spectrum. All this in tow, the release of this record, Living Mirage will be one forged with mystery and doubt as the band moves to different horizons, especially after the fairly successful 2016 release.

For me, the single has washed away all doubt that the band is going in the wrong direction. They seem to be embrace the catchy nature of ‘All We Ever Knew‘¬†and ran with it, adding elements of slicker vocals and a refined balance of instruments. Usually I’d say that they are losing themselves when the production sounds slicker, however, this single is very enjoyable and true to their original sound with a more matured and clearer sound and intention.

They are releasing this on limited edition green/black vinyl limited to 5000 worldwide.

The Details

Living Mirage Exclusive Color LP

The limited edition transparent green and black LP is limited to 5000 copies worldwide. (Indie Exclusive)
* Pre-order - released on: 5/17/2019

1 x Living Mirage Exclusive Color LP
1 x "Living Mirage" Digital Album
1 x "Missed Connection" Instant Download

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Price $19.98

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