When The Format released their final album Dog Problems in 2006 they apparently had some cosmetic defects and misprints in the first batch of records. ¬†Until now these records have sat gathering dust. ¬†But today, as of 10 AM PST they are selling them for only $5! ¬†There are white and black vinyl misprints available and they’ll go quick, so click fast!

The Details

Dog Problems Misprinted 12" Deluxe Double Vinyl

Misprinted copies contain incorrect die-cuts and cracked dog bowl etchings on side D. They are available in WHITE or BLACK vinyl. All proceeds will be donated to the three animal charities listed below.

IMPORTANT: The issues with these records are visual and should not affect the sound in any way, but since this is considered a donation, all sales are final. SOLD AS IS! We will not be accepting any returns or exchanges for any reason. Thank you :)

Please follow the links to find out more information about these great organizations.

Price $5

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