Warning: Don’t stare too long at the cover-art, you may go blind! Third single from Manchester group Temple Songs, and a terrific pop/psych-gem this one. I’ve been following these guys since their first 7″ last year, and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna get more recognition quite soon..  Their first two singles were a total blast, and this is none the less! This is a pre-order, release 30. March.

Head on over to RIP Records and pre-order this little beauty, and while you’re there be sure to pick up their first 7″ “Passed Caring”, two tracks of pure quality! Still available, but extremely limited!

NOTE!  The title track from the upcoming flexi is in the soundcloud player.  I’ve added the video to “Passed Caring” from the first 7″, so you can check that one out before adding it to your order! 

The Details

Pre-Order the third release from Temple Songs, 2 tracks , Translucent Red Flexi-disk vinyl.
Extremely limited run of 100, all personally packaged.
Released on March 31st 2014

Side A: Point Of Origin
Side B: Broarder Klang

Temple Songs are: Jolan Lewis (guitar, vocals), Jean Hughes (Guitar), Dave Hardy (bass), Andrew Richardson (drums)

All music by Jolan Lewis
artwork: Alecs Pierce

Price $8

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