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From Santa Rosa, CA comes Teenage Sweater. If you’re looking for some dreamy-chillwave-synthpop that’s got the dancin’ energy, than this release is for you!

Fitting as the days blast through your headphones or as the choice dance tracks for your house party.. these guys certainly dish out some invigorating synth-filled tracks of new wave-pop-electro goodness. It’s a refreshing listen as, instead of paying homage to earlier attempts, they produce some strong, fresh tracks that you can’t help but want to move to. These guys have been gaining strong comparisons to such acts as New Order and Joy Division; that’s saying something! But don’t let it deter you’re thinking because Teenage Sweater owns their music and it’s evident!! Each track is fresh in comparison to the last as this album doesn’t find itself in a stale moment throughout.

Where similar acts are producing mostly glimmer-and-shimmer, Teenage Sweater manages to pull off a powerfully bright energy with an underlying darkness that every so slightly coats throughout.

The Details

The formula contains notes of classic new wave‚ Joy Division and New Order are easily heard in the nuances of Teenage Sweater’s songs and a healthy dose of its modern incarnation, chillwave. Teenage Sweater is cheerful music for introverts. Indeed, everything about Teenage Sweater is somewhat light hearted, even the band name. But beneath the light playfulness, you’ll find two serious musicians that embody the true spirit of DIY. Bartering landscape services to recording engineer Adam Sullivan at Great Magnet Studios, it is no wonder they chose to name their debut LP “Concentration”.

Teenage Sweater is growing up fast in the Bay Area music scene and it’s only a matter of time before they outgrow the training wheels offered to them by their indie label Tricycle Records.


Vocals, Samples, Synths: Mario Ruiz
Drums, Vocal: Connor Alfaro

Track Listing

1. Dream Vacation
2. Giant Summer
3. Young Glitter *key track
4. Fangs
5. (Birds Can Speak)
6. Cold Spots
7. (Bowie Smiles)
8. Wicked Witch
9. (Concentration)

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Release Date: 3/5/2013
Catalog: Tricycle0025

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