This is an exciting one!  Brooklyn-based TEEN presents their sophomore album “The Way and Color” (produced by Daniel Schlett), releasing on Carpark Records April 22. The three sisters Kristina “Teeny” (vocals ++), Katherine (drums) and Lizzie Lieberson (keys) and Boshra AlSaadi (bass) bypasses their former dreamy, droney recipee from their first album “In Limbo” and steps into a richer, much more open terrain. The 10 tracks on this album tells beautiful stories with a mature, versatile expression through solid craftwomanship, based on openmindness towards various musical influences!  A quite stunning effort, I highly recommend you check it out!


The limited version of this comes on 500 burgundy-coloured double LP.

You can stream the whole album through Pitchfork Advance until it drops on April 22. right HERE

The Details


Apr 22nd, 2014

Pre-order. Gatefold, double LP with limited burgundy-colored vinyl. All pre-orders will ship by or before the April 22 release date. Digital pre-orders become available on April 22 at midnight EST.

Pivoting from the melodic psych of their previous efforts, TEEN's second full-length The Way And Color shows the young group confidently shifting direction with their distinctly modern, R&B-informed pop.

Searching for inspiration following their last album, the band's three sisters - lead singer Teeny Lieberson, keyboardist Lizzie Lieberson and drummer Katherine Lieberson - found direction from a simple lineup tweak, joining with bassist Boshra AlSaadi to mine a new side of the band's sound.

What emerged was the ambitious scope of The Way And Color. Recorded over a ten-day session in upstate New York, the band infuses their brooding pop with minimalist beats and complex harmonies, inspired by D'Angelo and Erykah Badu's classic R&B.

Amidst the album's rich patchwork, Teeny emerges as a expressive, inspired frontwoman, touching on themes of relationships, womanhood and power. The record's crisp production from Daniel Schlett (DIIV) showcases her voice's stylistic agility, from the theatrical vamping of "Rose 4 U" to the twisting, soulful "More Than I Ask For." Toying with genre, TEEN successfully trades in the reverb for a punchy clarity and newfound maturity.

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