RIYL: Stone Roses, Adorable, Ride, early Oasis

UPDATE: (9/30): Second Pressing Drops TODAY at 12pm Noon U.S. Eastern Standard time! Four new variants! Details below!

Echo Drug Recordings’ genesis in 2015 could be compared to the Big Bang.  It was fast, it was loud and it was seismic.  Out of nowhere, the label dropped Kill West’s Smoke Beach, a blissful droned-out smash that sold out in mere hours, and then quickly followed suit with Sunbeam Sound Machine’s sun-kissed psych pop full-length Wonderer.  The unlucky masses not subscribed to Echo Drug’s newsletter missed out on the most limited variants of the vinyl, which sold out in an hour.  After their third preorder from London 5-piece SULK sold out in 45 minutes, it became all too clear.  The secret is f-ing out.  For the uninitiated, it’s time to meet Echo Drug Recordings.

Good news, though, Slyheads.  The label has opened up another preorder for SULK’s full-length No Illusions.  After your first listen to their newest single Black Infinity (Upside Down), you’ll be hard-pressed to believe that the Brit Pop movement even ended in the late 90s.  SULK’s masterful knack for melody could recall any of your favorite British bands from that era, but there’s no doubt that they’re looking forward, not back.  Their ecstasy-drenched guitar layers have the power to pull the sun from beneath the cloudy grey English skyline above their heads, and if Black Infinity is any indication of the album’s sound, I’m buying 3 copies.


The Details

Super Fan Exclusive Vinyl: 25 Copies
Black Infinity Splatter Vinyl: 75 Copies
Clear With Yellow & Red Swirl Vinyl: 150 Copies
Clear Blue With Dark Blue Swirl Vinyl: 250 Copies
*PREORDER (Release Date: Late November 2016)

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Price $21.99

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