RIYL: Vampire Weekend | Indie Folk

Label: Too Many Records

Don’t Call Me A Contra: An unauthorized collaborative reimagining of Vampire Weekend’s 2010 sophomore album by Souveneer and Friends

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“An Indie folk interpretation, laid back, coffeehouse vibes. Simple and beautiful reinterpretations of songs that are faithful enough to keep the memorable moments and inflections but with a different musical lens. Gorgeous harmonies and vocals and mesmerizing arrangements. Just about every track features a different vocalist/artist to assist in telling their personal version of Contra.

I heard about this project when Ezra shared it on his social media, and upon my first listen I was absolutely blown away.

We reinterpreted the art (thanks to an assistance from Dale in the TMR community) to contain the color scheme of the original album cover, in addition to some imagery that is prevelant throughout the colorful lyrics on the record. It’s a 1LP on double splatter vinyl.

So I encourage you to listen to this album, it does one of the greatest albums of all time so much justice, and it’s a beautiful version that I truly think would get equal spin time to the original. The original is full of rich, complex instrumentation and energy, while this version is more subdued, entrancing, and meditative. Two sides of a wonderful coin.”

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