seaponyThe adjective “infectious” when describing any sort of music having to do with surf, sand and sun probably jumped the shark when Best Coast made a name for themselves after the release of their impressive Crazy For You record. Critics couldn’t resist throwing words like “shimmering” and “poppy” around when they described others like the L.A. based  Allah-las or even the landlocked band from Milwaukee The Sugar Stems. Hailing from a city a bit further north up the Pacific coastline, Seapony puts their own Seattle spin on the “dreampop” genre. Seapony’s four-piece formed back in 2010 and got our attention with Go With Me and then continued the following year with Falling. Judging from “Saw the Light”, the first single to be pulled from this 11-track album, their West Coast vision continues.

A Vision is up for pre-order now for $14 on black vinyl, with a release date of July 31, 2015. Limited to 500 copies.


Price $14

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