It’s time for another piece that involves Fred Thomas’ Saturday Looks Good to Me – this is actually the first material they put out in four years. “Sunglasses,” the A-side,  “I feel like I can’t be wrong in bed with my sunglasses on” and “seven more minutes of heaven and I’m pretty sure I’ll lose my mind” are some of the numerous memorable lines from this infectious single which includes saxophones, plenty of cymbal crashes, and a driving percussion section. Carol Catherine, the band’s new vocalist, has a voice that was just made for Saturday Looks Good to Me and I’m glad that they found her, or perhaps she found them. “Give Me Your Hands,” the B-side that clocks in barely over one minute, provides a laconic funereal musing with its use of a synthetic organ and lines such as “Give me your hands you beautiful sociopath, you’re horrible.” Give it a listen below on Spotify and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

After four years that found SLGTM mastermind Fred Thomas focusing his attention on running his own DIY record label (Lifelike) and starting new bands at breakneck speed (City Center, Mighty Clouds, Swimsuit, etc...), Michigan pop band Saturday Looks Good To Me re-emerges with Sunglasses, the first new material the band has issued since its 2008 disappearance.

New lead singer Carol Catherine’s smoky vocals glide over this surprisingly electronic-tinged track, with drum machines and synth-lines meeting frenzied saxophones and songwriter Fred Thomas’ trademark wall-of-bedroom-sound arrangements and bittersweet melodies.

This 7” edit of the song is also the first glance into the band’s as-of-yet-untitled fifth studio album, dropping on Polyvinyl sometime in the early spring of 2013.

Eerie b-side “Give Me Your Hands” is exclusive to the single.

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