Polyvinyl has decided to press Saturday Looks Good To Me’s third album Love Will Find You for the first time on vinyl, and this would actually make it the album’s debut on Polyvinyl as well, as it was originally released on Whistletap Records in 2002 (which I believe is now defunct). The album after it, All Your Summer Songs, was the band’s debut on Polyvinyl period. Within Love Will Find You’s contents, Fred Thomas and Erika Hoffman deliver quick anachronistic and light pop songs with dubbed guitar riffs, along with synthesized organs and even brass sections sometimes. My favorite track off the album, “Pet Store,” is completely instrumental and it brings in a clean string section to periodically overlay the rest of the instrumentation, muted drums, and various sorts of percussion put through effects pedals. This time around, I guess Polyvinyl wanted the cover to match the color of the pressing more so than Whistletap’s version and to be honest, I like this cover much better than the other one which you’ll see on Spotify (truthfully, I’m not sure where that one comes from). However, this one’s in the pre-order stage right now, so if you order now it will ship on May 10th! Check out the Spotify stream of Love Will Find You below.


Whistletap Records’ version of Love Will Find You

The Details

Michigan's Saturday Looks Good to Me injected their live sound on Love Will Find You. While the band's previous albums were soft, unlike their festive live sound, Love Will Find You finally represents the band's full sound.

Opening with the lush vocals of Erika Hoffman on "Liquor Store," Fred Thomas' vocal intro to "Diary" raises the musical stakes on track two. Another live staple, "When You Go Out Tonight," adds to the band's multi-generational influences with bright instrumentation and a feisty arrangement. "Summer Doesn't Count (Unless You're Here With Me)" showcases Hoffman's vocals again; a duet with Thomas adds a soulful punch to the mix.

The pace does soften up on the organ-rich "Love Will Find You," and on "Labcoat" with its airy xylophone and Thomas' echoing vocals. A rousing cover of The Equals' "I Get So Excited" brings the disc to a dynamic, volcanic ending.

The album's rich instrumentation includes contributions by saxophonist Elliot Bergman, keyboardist Aidan Dysart, guitarist Juan Garcia, violinist Ida Pearle, bassist Grace Thorson, as well as Zach Wallace, Ashley Miller and Brian Lipson, continuing the band's rich musical family history.

Released in 2002 on Michigan's Whistletap Records, Love Will Find You vaulted Saturday Looks Good to Me to new heights with some of the most passionate music out of Motown in decades.

-- All Music Guide

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