First and foremost, I’d like to say a Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Now, to get down to the brass tacks… So… a fateful five years ago Portland label¬†Italians Do It Better,¬†home to Chromatics and Glass Candy among others, pressed this single sided 12″ of a Rubies remix featuring a favorite of mine, Feist! Strangely, there are still copies around and NEW nonetheless which is good for YOU! On the label’s blogspot, it mentioned trying to secure the rights to press more than 500 copies, but I guess that never happened, eh? Tiedye, a Swedish electronic duo, puts a nu-disco spin on the original track with Feist’s guest vocals camouflaging among Simone Rubi’s with their extremely similar ranges. Clocking in at almost 9 minutes, it will be sure to keep you dancing for a while, or if you’re like me and you’re not a dancing type of person then it will at least have you thinking you’ve gone back in time to some nightclub or warehouse rave in the 1980s with its anachronistic aesthetics.

The Details

2008, Italians Do It Better

VINYL FORMAT. Very limited pressing of 500 copies only. This is a special one-sided release. Tiedye remix the all-girl indie group Rubies with guest vocals from Feist. Feist turns disco diva!

Price $6.69

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