Unwucht is a small label from Germany specializing in re-pressings of unknown New Zealand, rock, pop and indie. Most of their releases sell out very fast and I think, that this will be the same with here. This is the first ever vinyl edition of Robert Scotts ‎”The Creeping Unknown”. A cd version came out more than 10 years ago on Flying Nun. The deluxe vinyl edition has the never released extra song „The Too Hard Basket“ on it.

“First ever expanded and fully restructured deluxe vinyl edition of this classic garage/kraut/pop masterpiece from Robert Scott of The Clean and The Bats: originally released on CD by Flying Nun in 2000, Unwucht presents the complete recordings in radically re-set from, with an LP of songs and a further 12” of soaring ambient drones. The songs are stunning, euphoric dream pop concoctions with that NZ motorik appeal that would marry the whole Neu/La Dusseldorf feel to the South Island sound with classic Flying Nun style garage band-isms. The opening “Harmonic Deluxe” is an obvious Harmonia tribute, co-written with David Kilgour of The Clean, and it sets the scene for much of what is to come, zoned keyboard bliss with chiming folk punk guitars and triumphal/melancholic melodies. The 12” EP is a gas, with the kinda hands-on drone logic that would marry LAFMS-style manipulated eternities with bedroom Theatre Of Eternal Music-isms, almost Charalambides/Scorces-style desert guitar and the kind wonky hypnotic logic of Non’s Black Album. Comes with an unreleased bonus track and all-new artwork. Totally amazing and very highly recommended!” volcanic tongue

The Details

2 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, + free poster, limited to 100 copies
and an extra edition of 150 copies without poster.

Price $29.9

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