RIYL: Tame Impala, GUM, The Flaming Lips

Label: Interscope Records

Get psyched.  Get cranked.  The clouds have opened up, the purifying waters have drenched the cracked soil and the Pond has been refilled.  Titled Tasmania, this is Pond’s 8th studio album, their first on Interscope Records.  2017’s The Weather saw Nick Allbrook and company moving further away from bluesy psych riffage and closer towards glitzy synths, pop tones and dance beats.  Like his brethren in Tame Impala and Gum, Pond are trying their best at finding their voice in completely different genres.  That move has been painful for some of their earlier fan base, but similar to Kevin Parker’s success, their sound is now reaching an audience much wider than they’d ever anticipated.

Check out the music video for new single Daisy below.  It’s veering further down the path that The Weather paved for them, so that’s either going to make you elated or furious.  Whichever your emotional status, you should still buy the damn rekkid.  As Kevin Parker so aptly said, “I saw it different, I must admit.  I caught a glimpse, I’m going after it. They say people never change, but that’s bullshit, they do.”

So far, Rough Trade’s white vinyl exclusive is the first variant I’ve seen.  Limited to 1000 copies, you should have a bit of time to think it over, but don’t wait too long.  It’ll cost statesiders almost $40 shipped to get it to their doors, but that didn’t stop me.  #sucker



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Rough Trade Exclusive.
Double White Coloured Vinyl.
1000 Copies Only.

Price $28

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