RIYL: Connor Oberst, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, Sufjan Stevens, Soccer Mommy

Label: Dead Ocean

Phoebe has been quietly building up to this release, which is very anticipated by her massive fan base. After her first release, Stranger in the Alps was gushed over by just about everyone, people have been waiting for her sophomore release. She spend some time with Connor Oberst putting out Better Oblivion Community Center, but fans wanted more. Thus, we get Punisher, up for pre-order this morning (4/9/2020) with her new single Kyoto. I don’t think she needs to do reinventing of any wheels, and that is what I’m hoping for this much needed album. Fans just want more. More of her relaxing sadness, effortless vocals and poignant lyrics. There are many variants out there, some coming with signed material. here they are altogether with the lowest prices I could find, the most limited being VMP.

Limited Red Swirly

Landlocked Record ($21)

Blue with kind of Silver Swirly

Secretly Store ($25)

Limited & Numbered to 500 Pink and Blue and Swirly

Vinyl Me Please ($31) – currently members only

UK Limited Blue & Green Swirly

Rough Trade (£24) Resident (£23) Elsewhere (£22)

EU jpc exclusive with signed print Seaglass Wave

Jpc.de (24 euros)

Bridgers is the rare artist with enough humor to deconstruct her own meteoric rise. Repeatedly praised by publications like The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Pitchfork, The Fader, The Los Angeles Times and countless others, Bridgers herself is more interested in discussing topics on Twitter, deadpanning meditations on the humiliating process of being a person, she presents a sweetly funny flipside to the strikingly sad songs she writes. Fittingly, Punisher is fascinated with, and driven by, that kind of impossible tension. Whether it’s writing tweets or songs, Bridgers’s singular talent lies in bringing fierce curiosity to slimy and painful things, interrogating them until they yield up answers that are beautiful and absurd, or faithfully reporting the reality that, sometimes, they are neither.

Bridgers pulls together a formidable crew of guests, including Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, Christian Lee Hutson and Conor Oberst; Nathaniel Walcott (of Bright Eyes), Nick Zinner (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Jenny Lee Lindberg (of Warpaint), Blake Mills and Jim Keltner; and her longtime bandmates Marshall Vore (drums), Harrison Whitford (guitar), Emily Retsas (bass) and Nick White (keys). The album was mixed by Mike Mogis, who also mixed Stranger In The Alps.

The Details

Red Swirly Indie (North America Only Exclusive Colour)

Blue/Silver Swirly (Secretly Store Exclusive)

Pink/Blue Swirly (VMP Exclusive) Limited & Numbered to 500.

Blue/Green Peacock Indie (UK/EU Exclusive) some include signed art print - but look to be sold out.

Seaglass Wave ( jpc Exclusive) includes signed art print.

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Price $21

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