RIYL: Their / They're / There, Lifted Bells, Recreational Drugs, Matthew Frank

Label: Broken World Media

Pacemaker is the latest project from Chicago musician Matthew Frank (Their / They’re / There, Lifted Bells, Recreational Drugs). The six song debut EP was written and performed entirely by Matt, showcasing more straight-forward and pop-sensible indie rock songs than his previous projects.

By this point, Matt Frank has proven himself to be an otherworldly guitarist. Having written dazzling riffs for the likes of Their / They’re There, Lifted Bells, Recreational Drugs, and Loose Lips Sink Ships, Frank has more than proven his mettle. But now he’s started Pacemaker, another solo project that sees Frank playing all the instruments and paying tribute to the bands that inspired him in his formative years. Broken World Media will release Pacemaker’s debut EP on February 3.

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Available 2/3/2017.

Pressing info:
1st press: 100 copies milky clear w/ olive green and silver splatter, 200 copies silver vinyl

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