Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) will release his new record soon. a trailer was releases yesterday and Domino UK and USA has started to take pre-order on them. if you’re a fan you need the deluxe double vinyl with 3 extra tracks. Watch the minimal trailer below for a first impression.

In Conflict is full of love songs – more specifically, songs about liminal states and our loved ones locked in battle with them.  “The record is meant to approach ‘insanity’ in a positive way,” Owen says – emphasis on the ironizing scare quotes around singular notions of insanity.  “Depression, addiction, gender trouble, and the creative state are presented as positive, loveable, empathetic ways of being.  Not preferable, per se, but all as equal, valid positions that we experience, which make us human.”

Pallett was recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score, alongside Arcade Fire, for their work on Spike Jonze’s Her.  While Pallett has served as a versatile collaborator to many projects in both pop and art establishments— the list is far too long to recite here, but you know where to look— he is equally beloved for his accessibility; for the way his art reflects & resonates with Mainstream Pop Culture; for the emotionally cathartic outlet his music provides.

The Details

- Limited Edition
- Heavyweight 180gram Black Vinyl Gatefold
- Includes 3 bonus songs not on the standard vinyl
- Includes MP3 Download Card

Disc 01
Side A
01. I Am Not Afraid
02. In Conflict
03. On A Path
Side B
04. Song for Five & Six
05. The Secret Seven
06. Chorale
Disc 02
Side C
07. The Passions
08. The Sky Behind The Flag
09. ---> (1)
10. The Riverbed
Side D
11. Infernal Fantasy
12. Soldiers Rock
13. ---> (2)
14. Bridle & Bit

Price $25

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