This came out two years ago on Record Store Day, and they still have copies of this lying around luckily enough. of Montreal and Casiokids decided to release a split as the two bands toured together. Kevin Barnes and company decided to cover a Buffalo Springfield song and Barnes really peeled it back by supplanting all the choral work, bright guitar and melancholic violin with a reverbed piano. Norwegian synthpop group Casiokids (who actually were given one million kroner by a-ha as they saw them among four groups with the most potential in Norway) gave this 7″ a brooding cut called “London Zoo,” which also feels quite peeled back in comparison to their other material. Listen to both tracks below via the YouTube videos and see what you think of them. This might be a little old, but maybe some of you missed it or were unable to get it the year it came out? Cheers!

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Record Store Day exclusive 7". Features two exclusive songs by of Montreal and Casiokids.

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