This is just a part of a very unique project. From April 2010 – April 2011, Shawn Rosenblatt, aka Netherfriends, dedicated his life to visiting 50 states as a musician and artist. When in each one, he wrote and performed a song while in the city of choice for that state. Giving each “city, state” it’s own mid-fi, pop track!

This release, entitled Middle America, covers the locations in, you guessed it, Middle America! From the project, this is the only one to see a vinyl release. As a whole, the project is being released as an interactive map with which you can click and listen to the song written and performed in that location. This is the first album to ever be released on an interactive map! Check it out HERE! Through these links you can get journal-style information as well as live footage. It’s a really cool deal.

Long story short, check out this guys voyage!!

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12" Pink Vinyl LP + Digital Download
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Price $14

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