Is the name Murray Lightburn not sounding familiar to you? He’s the frontman for The Dears and he’s played with (is a part of?) Broken Social Scene. For us outside of Canada, there’s no real available preview aside from the 20 second conglomeration of all (?) of the album’s tracks that Murray and his people put on YouTube. However, if you happen to be a Canadian click this sentence and it will take you to Murray performing (?) four songs off of this forthcoming solo debut. On CBC, however there’s one track available that us Americans can play (as far as the rest of the world goes, I’m not too sure). “A Thousand Light Years,” the album’s third track, is a strongly more electronic take than in Lightburn’s past work and he gets extremely poppy. “We’re inside the crystal ball,” the song’s hook, might be getting caught in your ear after having a gander at it which you can do by clicking right here. Canadians, fill us in on the other available details if you can and as far as the rest of the world goes, see what you think of “A Thousand Light Years.” There is one more track us around the world can preview (and download for free), the intro track, which I will leave down below along with video – I won’t spoil anything for you but I’ll just say it’s NSFW. If you’re not hooked on buying this yet, every record has a chance to win one of twenty black polo shirts, Lightburn’s trademark, that were worn by him and with the Mass:Light logo on them. Every record is also hand-numbered and initialed by Lightburn himself. Cheers!

The Details

180 gram vinyl, with jackets hand silk screened, numbered and initialed by M.A.L.

- Digital version of the album copied from the vinyl lathe, ready for download on August 20, 2013 (mp3 at 320kbps).
- An EXCLUSIVE 5 track digital EP for instant download (mp3 at 320kbps).
- A chance to win 1 of 20 shirts off M.A.L.'s back: one of his pre-worn, pre-shrunk, classic black polos with album logo on the pocket.

Vinyl Tracklisting:
A1. Motherfuckers
A2. Never See Light
A3. A Thousand Light Years
A4. Through Storms
A5. From Dreams
B1. Mass:Light
B2. War Halls
B3. I Believe, I Believe
B4. In Pieces

Bonus Tracks (Digital only):
1.Storms (Overture)
2. Believeth
3. Of Gold
4. The Only Light
5. The Artifice

Ships from Montreal, Canada
Single item shipping price: $11.0

Price $20

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