RIYL: Moonbeau, Passeport, Modern Aquatic

Label: Soul Step Records

Ohio-based 5-piece Multimagic dabbles in daydreamy indie rock with splashes of decadent synths and bleeding heart lyrics, the perfect new band for Cincinnati’s Soul Step Records. Their debut album bursts with a refreshing optimism despite its heavier themes of mental illness and the search for redemption, a long road of recovery that head songwriter Coran Stetter traveled after suffering from a chemical dependence that he referred to as a “manic daze.” After forming his new band, he aptly titled this new endeavor Manic Daze, and it’s stacked with addicting indie pop gold.

Songs like Sunshine glimmer with the anthemic stance of Funerals-era Arcade Fire (seriously). Listen to that bass line nod to Rebellion (Lies) and try to not sing along at the bridge. The title track emphasizes the remarkable vocal chemistry between Coran and Meg Kecskes, a welcome consistency throughout the record. The devil’s in the tiny details, and Evan, James and Anthony add the smallest embellishments to carry the group to higher peaks. One of my favorite Soul Step releases to date!

Only 100 copies are available on a gorgeous pink splattery vinyl colorway, and most of them have been sold to their subscribers. Listen to a few of the songs below on Spotify and a few more after the ‘buy’ link to get a taste, but don’t dilly dally.

The Details

Soul Step Records will be releasing “Manic Daze” by Multimagic to Soul Step Record Subscribers on Saturday, April 4th. The general public sale will begin on Monday, April 6th.
Violet Haze vinyl limited to 100 copies.

Price $20

Listen on Spotify

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