RIYL: Bleachers, Passion Pit, COIN

Label: Soul Step Records

Back in 2018, Cincinnati indietronic duo Moonbeau released their debut record and invited us into their synth-soaked neon world, a utopian prom dance draped in John Hughes nostalgia and stone-washed elegance. Christian and Claire Gough, the undisputed prom king and queen, carried the crowd into the early morning with their heart-fluttering keyboard leads and lush guitar splashes, but it was their earnest lyrical treatments that nursed the rejected broken hearts by the punch bowl back to health.

Two years later, Moonbeau triumphantly returns with their sophomore follow-up titled Up All Night, continuing down the trail of electronic pop they crafted so well, yet incorporating new sounds and new styles they’ve learned along the way. If you dug the first one, you need this too. It’s that simple. Spend that $20 your grandma gave you for Black Friday shopping and hit that ‘buy’ link below.

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LTD/100 RBG Swirl Vinyl!

Price $20

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