Still relevant after almost two decades, of Montreal is back with lucky album #13.  It marks their 10 year anniversary with Polyvinyl, and we’ve got some limited wax to celebrate the occasion.  As you probably know, of Montreal dips their painted toes into almost every genre known to man and sprinkles their glam tart onto the top.  Their monumental output since the late 90s is unmatched, and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Lyrically, lead-off single Bassem Story is their most politically-charged anthem to date, but its funky disco rhythm slips their unwavering aggression into your ears as smooth as some Flunitrazepam in your whiskey sour.  Its mix of hand claps, Studio 54 bass slaps and “yeah yeah yeahs” will no doubt catapult this one to an instant crowd favorite at their future shows.

1500 copies isn’t super rare, but don’t underestimate of Montreal fans.  They’re rabid and they want to party.

The Details

Early Bird Edition
Limited to 1500
Includes 18x24 poster insert

Price $18

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