Scandinavian pop singer Molly Nilsson’s Summer Songs will, indeed, make you think of summer… if you were in the 80s where the coke flowed like wine and pastels were plastered on every human being imaginable. Nilsson contributes to a growing sub-genre/niche that wants to wander back to the days of yore or give nostalgia to those who effectively missed out on an era most would cringe at. Nilsson’s smoky, Swedish-tinged, vocals seem like they’re almost an afterthought when it comes to the production, with the synthesizers and drum machines taking clear precedence in the performance. The tempos range from lively, with a confident gait, to slowed and sleepy; imagine Enya, if she took to über lo-fi production. Some of the songs drown out her vocals so much that I’d be tempted to call them shoegaze, or dream pop, if the instrumentation wasn’t as frail and light as it is. Check out “Blue Dollar” and “Summer Cats” in full via the music videos below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Pop music rarely comes as honest and heartfelt as when delivered by Molly Nilsson. Having traveled around the world singing to the romantic and the doomed, Nilsson found herself in the late Summer of 2014 in Buenos Aires. Inspired by the crumbling landscape and the heavy hearts that populate it, Sólo Paraíso is not only an ode to a specific time and space but a musical novella that meditates on youth, idealism and belonging. The soundtrack to a summer you thought you had when looking over bleached out old photo albums.

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