RIYL: NIN, Soft Cell, KMFDM, Revolting Cocks

Label: Cleopatra Records

Nothing will break up a circle of goth friends faster than a “which was better” argument about Ministry’s two biggest phases, their early dark synth pop period complete with the With Sympathy debut or their raucous industrial years.  These periods were so distinctly different, they’re essentially two separate bands.  Trax! Rarities gathers material from their early 80s beginnings, so needless to say, this compilation is for the With Sympathy camp.

Here, you’ll find the fake British-accented Al Jourgenson before he broke free from label entanglement and discovered thrash metal.  While this certainly isn’t the phase that most of us remember Ministry by, it’s a beautiful voyeuristic compilation into the mind of an artist with rapidly changing inspirations.  These early live gigs, demos and remixes will give you an ample taste of a band leading the goth pop charge during its heydey.

Listen to the entire compilation below, snag a copy of it on clear vinyl while they last and pretend that every day is Halloween.

The Details

Special limited edition double LP collection of early rare tracks and versions from Al Jourgensen’s Ministry and various side projects pressed on clear vinyl with printed inner sleeve!

Includes the super rare RevCo track “Drums Along The Carbide!”

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Price $24

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