In 2014, Dum Dum Girls released the smooth synth-laden Too True and Merchandise released the seductive crooner After The End.  Now, the 4AD boys have made the pilgrimage over to Sub Pop and the Dum Dums for a quick 7″.  After an immediate and powerful first listen, I’m hoping it isn’t the last time these two indie juggernauts dance.

Both groups share an interest in the back alleys of the 1980s, so it’s only natural that Red Sun oozes nightclub neon and the tremors of 2:00 AM in the crawling bloodshot city streets.  It could even pass for an unreleased collaboration between Reznor and Bowie with that sexy, sinister bass synth pulsating along that minimal backbeat like a strung-out Iggy Pop in Berlin.  It’s dangerous, but inviting…it’s the soundtrack to your next one-night stand or cold-blooded murder.  Your choice.

The ‘Loser Edition’ colorway for Sub Pop’s newest physical artifact is on purple wax, and those are officially up for preorder after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Limited edition Clear Purple vinyl available while supplies last.

4AD group Merchandise has collaborated with Sub Pop recording artist Dum Dum Girls for the new “Red Sun” b/w “Echo” 7” single, an exquisite, two-track offering, available worldwide Friday, November 27th from Sub Pop.

Price $5.75

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