About the new album, Carson Cox says “It’s like we can start a new a band with basically the same name”.  Oh, how those words would scare the pants off most record labels…but not 4AD, whose historic roster is chalk FULL of chameleons and shapeshifters.

Merchandise’s new endeavor is a poppy one, reminding me of The Cure’s radical shift from gloom to swoon with their 1984 album The Top.  Whether you’re a fan of this scene or not, it’s easy to admire a group that doesn’t stay comfortable, pushing their limits and challenging their fans’ taste buds.

Check out the video from their latest single:

The Details

Initial pressing on green-colored vinyl, includes MP3 download coupon.

Like their albums before them, After The End was recorded and produced by the band, this time over a six-month period in the house they share in Tampa. A real achievement in showing what bands can achieve themselves, the only outside influence came when they enlisted mixing help from Gareth Jones - the man famed for his work with Tuxedomoon, Depeche Mode’s Berlin Trilogy of Construction Time Again, Some Great Reward, and Black Celebration, and more recently Interpol, These New Puritans and Grizzly Bear.

Speaking to the NME earlier this year, Carson Cox said “(Our last album) Totale Nite was the end of the book. This is a whole new one. It's like we can start a new band with basically the same name. We've already exploded our reality – now we're going to re-make ourselves as a pop band, but it'll still be a twisted reality.” He’s kept to his word with the album being made up of ten tracks spread across a mean 45 minutes. The album can now be pre-ordered from here and the tracklisting is below...

1. Corridor
2. Enemy
3. True Monument
4. Green Lady
5. Life Outside The Mirror
6. Telephone
7. Little Killer
8. Looking Glass Waltz
9. After The End
10. Exile And Ego

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