Athens-based duo Marsheaux decided to shoulder the challenge of covering Depeche Mode’s second album A Broken Frame. Brooding rhythms, a pulsating groove, and bright shards of musical pop pretty much drive the cover of this 1982 record. If you are familiar with this minor classic you’ll know that most of it is comprised of a variety of synth-based instrumentals, but the duo (Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou) does a nice job of adding their poppy vocals to songs like “Monument” and “My Secret Garden”, and making them their own. Reminds me a little of Shakespears Sister at times but fortunately these talented Greeks stay away from making this too saccharine sweet.

A very limited edition package of 200 white vinyl records with a signed print and bonus 3-track CD (20 Euros) came out through their record company Undo Recordings ( earlier in the year.

A yellow vinyl release (17 Euros) sold out quickly as well from the Undo Recordings shop.

North American buyers would be best to order from Storming the Base in Toronto. They have 3 (!) copies of the limited edition yellow vinyl left and the new CLEAR variation will be in stock mid-July. Customer service is very helpful and respond quickly to any questions you might have. Check out the other limited and color vinyl at their site: Marsheaux_Broken_Frame_Yellow_Vinyl

The Details

Greek electro pop duo Marsheaux (Marianthi and Sophie) has paid a wonderful tribute to one of their favourite albums of all time and one of the most underrated synth pop albums of the 80's. They have covered track by track, the full Depeche Mode's "A Broken Frame", their 1982 album that signaled the start of Martin Gore's lead songwriting dues for their rest of their career. Marsheaux put their gentle female touch to all time classic masterpieces ("Leave In Silence", "My Secret Garden", "See You") as well as such less known gems as "The Sun And The Rainfall", "Monument" and "Shouldn't Have Done That". "A Broken Frame" lands in 2015 with total grace and a haunting atmosphere that refreshes its long lasting myth.

Vinyl is 180 gram deluxe on transparent vinyl. Printed inner sleeves. MP3 code. Heavy weight matte art-paper. GORGEOUS!

1.Leave In Silence
2.My Secret Garden
4.Nothing To Fear
5.See You
7.The Meaning Of Love
8.A Photograph Of You
9.Should't Have Done That
10.The Sun And The Rainfall

Price $28.09

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