“You’re a riddle, every day’s a struggle,” is Maria Minerva’s deep, clever and infectious hook on “Black Magick.” The hypnotic nature of her voice is going to keep your attention and will arouse intrigue effortlessly. “Black Magick” showcases some of the best songwriting I’ve honestly heard in a while with the sheer amount of one-liners it contains. “I die every night in your arms,” “you cut me in half then you put me together again…” I could continue, but I’ll let you hear what I’m talking about in the YouTube video below which has a very Tim and Eric, campy 80s ethos and shows Minerva donning multiple characters throughout. “Space 4 U” packs as much of a hypnotic punch as “Black Magick.” Not Not Fun refers to the B-Side as “sampladelic island funk” and I couldn’t agree more. Suffice it to say, Maria Minerva’s an amazing dystopian pop songstress. Check out both songs below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Tallinn’s melted-pop-cultural treasure Ms. Maria Minerva returns to the SILK sheets with one of her most brazen and neo-millenial song cycles. Life in the Big Apple seems to have upturned any self-set stylistic restrictions lingering from her continental grad student days. Bless pogos from new-wave electro-witchcraft to ambient R&B to sampladelic island funk to bootlegged Tom Tom Club karaoke, tied together with perplexing voiceover snippets and classically earnest Maria echo croon. A remix by So-Cal secret weapon Lady Blacktronica (look her up) seals the deal. Only 500 made, most gone already.

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