RIYL: Exotic grooves, modern soul, west coast vibes

Label: Preservation Records

One of the true masters of exotic grooves, Marcos Valle’s  S/T-album (1983) has been a wet dream for cratediggers and groove connoisseurs alike for decades.  Finally, this masterpiece is getting it’s first official reissue on vinyl.

Marcos Valle is nothing short of a legend in the Brazilian music scene, and his name became well known already in the 60’s, with it’s growing popularity of exotic-pop and jazz influenced by particularly Bossa Nova and Samba (his most recognised track “Samba de Verão” dates all the way back to 1965). During the early 70’s Valle experimented with a lot of styles and genres, and also arranged scores for TV and movies. This period spawned some of his most interesting work, and his expression in this period is a melting pot of jazz/soul/samba/folk and psych fused with a dominant latin flavour. As a true Brazilian patriot, the shadow of the military dictatorship became a huge burden (some of his work from this period also has a certain political agenda), and within the peak of it’s grip he decided to leave the country behind. Valle found his flair back in LA in the late 70’s, where the music scene at the time was under heavy influence by Latin flavours. Here he teamed up with producer/artist Leon Ware, which spawned a brilliant expression to be found on both Ware’s and Valle’s albums of this extended period. This blend is a smooth breeze of soul, samba, bossa, boogie, disco og pop with a touch of jazzy playfulness, which this album demonstrates in a most convincing way.

The limited Transparent Azure Blue vinyl is exclusive for mailorder directly from Preservation Records  (if in Norway, also via Big Dipper Records, who co-released this). There is also a black variant available worldwide. The colored Vinyl sounds amazing, there’s printed innersleeves, and you get an 8 page booklet with linernotes based on interviews with Valle.

My sincere thanks to both parties for making this reissue possible, and gratulations guys! Great work.

Don’t sleep on this good folks, this extremely limited variant is destined to be a collectors item in no-time!



The Details

Artist: Marcos Valle
Title: Same Title
Format: Vinyl (coloured)

This is a dream come true for Preservation Records. We never thought that we would re-release, for the first time on vinyl, his masterpiece from 1983. Killer production, performed by musicians like Marcos Valle, Paulo Sérgio Valle (brother of Marcos Valle), Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti, Picolé, Serginho Trombone (Dom Salvador & Abolição) Oberdan (Banda Black Rio), Max Pierre, Peninha, among others. You get classic rio boogie, modern soul and smooth breezy pop from Marcos who really reinvented himself in the 80’s.

We’re telling the whole story behind the release in a nice 8 page booklet in the vinyl release. We haven’t saved much on this release , high quality cardboard cover, heavy vinyl. A true collectors item.

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Price $26.5

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